06 April, 2014

I love you Bill & Marissa


"Too many men end up just growing into man-children" -- shaming attempt of some blue pill("foreign policy") illusionist, whom couldn't care less if women continue *getting away with murder* simply by playing their gigly woman-children bullshit

17 March, 2014

Some other days, for some others' time.

"Did you learn anything, today?" you had asked me.

Some mutterance "of course I didn't it's just pouring rocks on the ground!" – but actually I had:

Watching Tony almost run over Mark with his front-end-loader; yell "what the hell are you doing in front of my loader?!" ; and later apologize for his carelessness – lessons of manhood, teamwork, and not needing to hold grudges, countryside.

05 March, 2014

"The price of freedom is eternal diligence"

Dear Huxley:

Why California? Why choose to die here? Is it that one can run into the hills, one of only thousands, and just disappear into nothingness?

Dear Texas:

Why not just go ahead and legalize marijuana, the perfect SOMA? Capable of (as Obama once mused) enabling people to forget about all the stupidly problematic issues of their current world, a silly mistake.

Dear Big Pharma:

Thanks for all the no side effects.

26 February, 2014

Because Fuck You

That's Why.
Midnight. South Hayward down toward industrialhouses – two miles diverted – just to fill up.

A fuel light on for the first time in ages, but definitely not the worst of timings.

A World's Turn

25 February, 2014

A hair in your throat: Third Wave Feminists


An article on pubic hair maintenance ends up being the best-written piece on the crux of feminist princess logic . . . of haves and have some mores. Taking their halves – right out the middle – in alleged quest of equality for all, but of course with certain preferential discriminations . . . you know for all that past discretions shit.

• • •

So I asked Rachel [LGBT "feminist"] why she participates in hair removal at all. 
Rachel thinks maybe removing hair from the entire vulva is more violent than just the sides, and she has dissonance herself since she removes hair from her butt; she sees the contradictions. She tried to start her next sentence over and over, several times, and then said, “I hate when my opinions are rationalizations I’ve made to myself to make myself more righteous and, like, afford my viewpoints and put down others [?!? The fuck ?!?]. And I’m aware of that. On some level it probably is that. But for me, to wax the vagina itself [–] is a violence against women.” [my mind-boggling emphasis added in italics]

Somewhere on reddit, there is a post about "why not just do something so simple for the person who's going to be spending time *down there*." Rants of "expensive"s and "painful"s and "other such 'unfair' shit"s, I'll contribute to the aforelinked author's research as an extremely proud, heterosexual male who maintains completely bare – and expects partners to be, too.

No, nothing about patriarchy, pornography, or whatever else para-feel-yee-uhs . . . it's just hungry mouths + engorged  genitals – pubic hair = no hacking, all access a'lackin' . . . yum .

Stoya [the famous porn star NSFW] is part Serbian; her body hair is thick and dark. She started growing pubic hair when she was still a kid. First she tweezed the lone growing hairs. Then she shaved and shaved and continued to shave. Sometimes she shaves her pits. Sometimes she leaves the stubble. Sometimes she leaves things bushy. But Stoya always shaved her vulva entirely, until [a] dare [in 2008]. 

Now, having had laser hair removal, Stoya is left with a “slightly misshapen tuft on front”; the rest is sparse. And it’s become a thing, publicly, amongst viewers and fans. “People said I was a victim of patriarchy,” says Stoya. “There’s always going to be someone who’s projecting way too much weight on what’s essentially a personal aesthetic choice.” 
And sure, it becomes problematic because Stoya is publicly putting herself out there, butat the end of the day, it’s my body,” she says. “ Rather than shit all over an entire gender and an entire industry, figure out what you like and find people who like what you like and are O.K. with that. "
“It is just as unfair to men to assume they all want prepubescent vaginas,” says Stoya. “If you can’t look at a grown woman and a 12-year-old girl and not notice the difference without pubic hair...you’re an idiot.”  
My vagina is not holding back women as a gender. One thing that is holding us back is that we spend so much time bickering over whether it’s anti-feminist or feminist to wear lipstick. What about workers’ rights? Isn’t that a more important thing to question? The fact that Texas and North Carolina are making political choices to take away women’s reproductive rights - that’s a problem. The fact that transgender people are being discriminated against: that’s a problem. Lipstick and pubic hair? Not a problem. [It’s an] aesthetic choice. It’s like getting mad at people for wearing a blue shirt.” 
 Stoya paused for several seconds. “Walmart’s a fucking problem. The fact that George Zimmerman’s free when he killed someone for being black: that’s a problem!”

Stoya, you rascal. Maybe one day soon I'll pull some James Deen underdog on you, fuck you for an hour.

A hot tale of seat heaters against freshly-waxed genitals, told (alongside other perversions) in some psuedo-penned tome. For another audience.

PS: Check out this entitled little slut hampster (NSFW!) "feminist." Pulling for you, duchess! Sure, "Becoming a laywer . . . or porn star or slut -or - whatever they're all the same" is either the dumbest shit ever, or you just won an oscar. THIS twelve minute only clip . . . is how porn studios still make money.

Detective Plumbing

Fun problem solving with SketchUp
A just barely code-complient multibranch circuit that separately runs (4) Metal Halide fixtures & shop heaters.
Yes, there is J-Box grounding somewhere under there.
Almost ready for decommissioning, the still-legible permit dates from 1963. Ancient Circuit Interruptors!
So glad to be getting rid of this ∆\Y, plus slowly earthing it all, even when that means destroying classic multibranching. Actually, nobody had a clue WTF they were doing, here... a series of taps through NM, unshielded-flex, and the occasional piece of speaker wire [I shit you not]...

in this last case, the installer at least used both DC strands (and covered it with low-voltage shrouding) just to be safe, I suppose.

24 February, 2014

Dear Enterprise

In the past three years, I have spent well over four grand on "temporary" rental arrangements with a particular car agency. Prior to this experience, I had ALWAYS purchased the insurance.

In an effort to save money – and with previous semi-frilled rental successes – I opted to instead "decline additional coverage, please." No worries, the trip, as outlined, was business / casual.

Eddy @ Taylor St

Fucking animals, roaming The T[ender]L[oin]. Starving rabid monkeys, the only thing understood being big sticks and grimacing look-down-upons. Now carrying my 1/2" EMT pipe bender, fifteen pounds of halbert at the end of a bright orange stick, provoking no direct looking but plenty of silent questions.

IS HE CRAZY [probably]

SFPD drives by, sees this white dude in his [now] only pearl-button-snapped [and only] shirt, plaid, and knods heads in understanding that THIS is not a safe place.

Car broken in to and a thousand dollar police report later, safer in a new car, screaming plenty-mad from atop safe TL overlooks (a balcony), just trying to get one of these apes to pick up a little trash for 25¢. Twenty-five cents, what the average American earns in their minute of work. None so far have taken, but plenty have much to say towards "white[y] / boy"

The next evening, sneaking down the fire escape to confront a mugger who was trying to fleece a wealthier black woman [ALONE, HERE!]. Once just above him [the stair swings down when stepped on, down ~12 more feet], shouting "IF YOU TOUCH THAT WOMAN I WILL COME DOWN THERE AND STAB YOU" as I whipped out my titanium-tipped utility blade, its solid click getting through the otherwise-thick carnal skulls.

Trash: "I ain't gonna listen to no white boy -- you gonna come down here and stab me?!?"

Me: "If you fucking don't walk away right now, that's exactly what I'm going to do!"

Some other black guy, older, wiser, streetier jumping in "I AM A BLACK MAN AND I WILL KICK YOUR ASS"

Me: "You are nothing but a piece of TRASH... I've been on this balcony for five days now watching a bunch of NICE people, but YOU are the FIRST one I've seen actually be threatening – and I just got my car broken in to, all my stuff stolen, and SHOULD be a lot more pissed."

Ambulance, rushing to pick up a gunshot victim at the Powell BART Station.

Sleeping well, rewiring life completely. I always attest to thee.

13 February, 2014

Midfeb Wellwish

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